Lycoming Chapter, NSDAR, History

The name Lycoming is taken from the Native American name Leganihanne signifying "sandy stream." This great stream, Lycoming Creek, flows into the Susquehanna River and was the boundary line between the land of the settlers and Native American land. Originally named Jefferson County, after Thomas Jefferson, the county was renamed after this sandy stream In 1795 and is the largest county in Pennsylvania in area.

Lycoming Chapter, NSDAR, formed in 1896, during the early years of the chapter three members were “Real Daughters.” The term "Real Daughter" is given to a daughter of an American Revolutionary War soldier or patriot who joined the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). These 767 ladies, provided a living link to cause for which the National Society is named. The NSDAR has compiled an online exhibition to celebrate their lives and accomplishments. Pennsylvania proudly celebrates its 33 Real Daughters' heritage.

Lycoming Chapter, NSDAR, Real Daughters were Statria Nutt Christie (1813-1900), daughter of William Nutt became a member in 1898; Mary Jane Lynn (1817-1905), daughter of John Richie Lynn became a member in 1896; and Helen Allen Sloan (1814-1909), daughter of Jacob Allen became a member in 1905.